I enjoy it when I am asked, “What do you guys do at Damascus”?

My response is generally something like this, “I’ll tell you what we do. When we get together at Damascus we disarm the enemy by speaking the truth of God’s Word.”

Damascus is a place where men can have an encounter with Christ.

My life has been changed as a result of coming to know the truth while learning to let Christ live in me and through me. For me it’s been a journey of experience, strength, and hope empowered by the Holy Spirit who reveals truth and proclaims freedom to the captives. I know what it’s like to be in a pit and desperate for change and that is where I met my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He reached down into that pit, He set my feet on a rock, and He put a new song in my mouth and I give Him praise.

Scripture reminds us that as iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another. It’s been said you can learn one of two things from a man. Either- what to do or what not to do? The question is what will you learn?

At Damascus you will be challenged and inspired to know the one who sets you free.

~ Frank Stotts ~

Damascus is a group of men that focus on Christ. This group has saved my life. When I started coming to Damascus I was angry at God. I didn't believe God cared about me. As time has passed I have come to know the truth. I have learned that truth is a person. His name is Jesus. Intimacy with Him is everything. As I listen to Him, He continues to blow me away. Thank you Jesus for Damascus.

~ Steve Palmer ~

Damascus for years has been my weekly reset and strengthening. It never ceases to amaze me how much supporting and being supported by other men impacts my life every week, month, year and I'm sure for a life time. It has definitely put my life on a different path.

~ Doug Claycomb ~

When I recently went through my divorce I was eager to take the path of temptation that many men take when first becoming single. Luckily before starting that path of destruction I met Frank and Andy from Damascus and was invited to a meeting. It didn't take long for me to realize how special this group of men truly was, and how much they cared about mine and everyone else’s well-being. Damascus quickly taught me how I could better my life and the life of my children by living on purpose, by being intentional, and by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through these relationships, both with God and my brothers in Damascus, I have gained confidence in myself and in my journey. I now have the great understanding that God is in control of both and he will not let me endure more than I can take. I am so thankful for the fact that I get to live life with these men and have a brotherhood with them that keeps my life in check and helps me stay accountable for my actions. Every week when I go to group I get a wonderful reminder of where my life is supposed to be going, how I can improve my walk on that path, and how much God’s love truly means to me.

~ Brian Crosson ~

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