Luke 2:52 says,"And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man."

I will not argue that it was Christ's last 3 years that saved the world, but I will argue that it was His first 30 years that helped develop His message. I find it remarkable that the part least talked about regarding Christ's life, is the part that men need to hear the most-"the dirty 30!" It is the pearl of great price, tucked away neatly and quietly among thousands of Scriptures so that only men who are still and intentional can find it.

The mantra of Damascus is, "No 30, no 3!" Our mission is simple: to create opportunities to shape a man spiritually, physically, relationally, and vocationally. Unless a man learns to excel in the ordinary --"the 30" -- he will never come to embrace the extraordinary -- "the 3!"

"NO 30,NO 3!"

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